At Wise Riddles Software, we work with you to create an experience that is enjoyable and specifically customized to fit your needs and requirements. For more information about our services and how we can help you with your software projects, please contact us.

Custom Software Design

With a proven track record of successful object-oriented designs, we customize software solutions that strike balances between feature sets and timelines, and allow for your future growth and expansion.

Custom Software Development

Working with your team or ours, we implement your vision quickly and correctly, ensuring quality by relying on automated, best-practice, and manual processes.

Software Mentoring

Using an apprentice/journeyman one-to-one or one-to-many relationship, we transfer knowledge and help eliminate personnel risk associated with software projects. The increased engineer productivity and knowledge gained helps to ensure the future success of your project and company.

Software Training

Utilizing our real-life experience, we train and educate your existing engineering team by teaching tools, techniques, and methodologies through short seminars or individual code reviews. This training has proven to be an effective measure that helps to mitigate the risks that are inherent in every software project.

Important traits that I like to find in companies I work with are responsiveness, ease of establishing and maintaining the relationship, and the quality of the work product. I find Wise Riddles meeting the mark on all of these company traits and I've enjoyed every moment of the relationship. Another important trait is candor. When I've asked Wise Riddles to participate in an effort with my company, I've found the response to always be straight up with details regarding how the planned business fits into the schedule/plans of Wise Riddles and where I might better focus the work that is outside of their areas. This is important as it has kept the relationship open and honest so I don't get any surprises as our business situation evolves.
- Matt R.