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Revolutionize the way you use your computer

Audiomatic is a tool used to make system-wide macros and then launch those macros with a voice command or keyboard shortcut at any time... from any Windows application or game. Forget typing repetitive tasks or clicking through cumbersome menus. Audiomatic makes it easy as speaking a word! Macros are so simple to make, you will be an expert in minutes. Audiomatic enables you to launch programs, files, or websites; simulate keystrokes; play sounds; speak text; or even run scripts. You can do it all with a voice command or keyboard shortcut!

Audiomatic will revolutionize the way you use your computer!

With Audiomatic, you can:
  • Free yourself from time-consuming or repetitive tasks
  • Create custom macros in minutes using the Macro Wizard
  • Use your macros in any Windows application
  • Be immediately productive with a simple and intuitive interface
  • Configure Audiomatic to work with the way you use your computer
  • Use a number of free macros that will improve your computer experience instantly

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User Comments

I just wanted to let you know how useful this software is for me - I have Rheumatoid Arthritis which affects every joint in my body - particularly my hands!...I use Audiomatic where I can as my hands are not particularly "mobile" - I will certainly make mention of it in my arthritis "chat" room.
- Anne F.

This is the most amazing software ever! The capabilities are endless, keep up the great work, I mean I use this software to command all my tools in my CAD and 3D design applications which minimizes my work time be at least 10 fold, talk about effective and efficient! Thanks for being so innovative!
- Addison R.

For people like me, your program isn't just a time-saver. It quite literally improves the quality of my life so that I'm not in as much pain at the end of the day. I actually feel like playing with my daughter or taking a minute to jot a note to a friend.
- Monica W.

[Audiomatic is] a revolution in the way I personally use my computer, Audiomatic has greatly speeded up my life... it is flexible and powerful, and to that end is a credit to the blind community.
- Sean Randall

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...we can't help but point out a few of our commercial partners who are doing great work with the Skype API and bringing new scenarios to Skype Users:...Audiomatic...
- Lenn Pryor, Skype

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...there don't seem to be any nits to pick here: this is a utility that does one thing, and does it well.
- Mike Gunderloy, www.Larkware.com

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The user interface for this product is very intuitive. I wish every product was this easy to use; and I do not say that lightly!
- Becky Lash, www.EpicTrends.com

I never thought automating my daily tasks could be this easy. In a couple of steps through a wizard I had Audiomatic launching my browser and email from a voice command. Nicely done!
- Shawn L.