Audiomatic Skype™ Plugin

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With the Skype™ plugin, feel free to interact with Skype™ without your hands - initiate phone calls or chat sessions using only your voice!

Audiomatic Receives Honorable Mention in Skype Developer API Competition!

"...we can't help but point out a few of our commercial partners who are doing great work with the Skype API and bringing new scenarios to Skype Users:...Audiomatic..."
Stuart Henshall, Skype (Read the full text)


Once installed, a new macro type will be available: "Interact with Skype™". This macro allows you to specify the action that will be taken when the macro is executed (for example, will the macro initiate a call or IM session) and the user to contact. Create a macro, assign a voice or keyboard command, and start making Skype™ calls using just your voice!


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