Wise Riddles Software was founded by David Brownell in 2003, based upon the belief that it is possible to consistently create software that not only meets a set of high standards, but exceeds them; standards of quality, functionality, client satisfaction, and ease of use. People generate great ideas in a positive environment, and we enhance the ability of our employees to contribute in our environment through established processes. As a result, we at Wise Riddles Software are showing that we can dependably produce software that is technically correct, useful, easy to use, and surpasses our client's expectations.

At Wise Riddles Software, we:
  • Focus on project management to cultivate innovation without stifling creativity, while maintaining accuracy and accountability for our clients and engineers.
  • Employ efficient architectural solutions to make possible the foundation for complex systems and programs.
  • Ensure quality and correctness in every facet of the development process by utilizing automated, best-practice, and manual processes.
  • Develop elegant and clean solutions using the best tools for the tasks at hand, with the knowledge that what goes on behind the curtain is just as important as what is seen in front.
  • Create an unparalleled user experience that is both intuitive and enjoyable.
  • Facilitate an environment that strives for excellence, and expect nothing less from ourselves.